How to get relief from piles pain?



Piles Pain Relief: Is It Possible?

Pain relief may as well be the most important thing in your life right now if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. This ailment can be such a pain in the rectum that you will do anything just to find a cure.

how to treat piles

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In the olden days people had no choice but to endure the pain since the ailment had not been heard of yet and the appropriate remedies had not yet been discovered. These days there are many options and many fast and effective natural way to get rid of and the pain associated with them.

Piles pain relief can come in the form of:

Fixative Relief
Herbal Relief
Home Remedies

That list alone should give you an idea of how easy it is to look for pain relief these days. Among the most common pain relievers are:


If you are starting to feel the pain and the itchiness, then applying some cream or suppository with Hydrocortisone will do the trick. You can also use pads with a topical numbing agent or the herb Witch Hazel. You can choose ointments with 1% hydrocortisone for swollen external lumps to reduce the burning, itching and swelling.

Hydrocortisone is a medication that can provide relief. The suppository is inserted in the rectum and requires at least an hour to be absorbed by the affected area. The problem is that this medication is easily absorbed in the blood stream so use only a small amount. Other side effects include allergic reaction, rashes and even infection.

Sitz Bath

sitz bath

This pain reliever only requires a plastic tub filled with warm water. You can also fill your bath tub with warm water and other essential oils f. Expose your rectum to the warm water for 15 minutes per session for up to four times a day. It will help reduce the swelling and pain that comes as a result of piles.

Hemorrhoid Donut

This is not the edible donut but is a cushion shaped much like a donut. This is an inflatable rubber ring much like the floaters used by children when swimming. Sitting on the cushion instead of sitting directly on a chair will minimize and cushion the pain.

Over the counter medicines

alternate medicines for piles

Medications like Aspiring or Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen can help in relieving you of pain temporarily. However, these products should be used only in the lower canal and the perianal areas. These anesthetics can result to allergic reactions like burning sensation so make sure you get your doctor’s advice before using them.


These are chemicals that you can apply to the anus to make the swelling blood vessels smaller. It will help reduce or shrink your lumps to the normal size. It has a mild anesthetic effect so it can also help relieve pain and itching. Vasoconstrictors can come in the form of ointment or suppositories.

Hemorrhoid pain relief may be availed of anytime you can no longer stand the symptoms of piles. While most of these pain relievers are widely available in local pharmacies you can take inspiration from home remedies to relive the pain.


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What is the best possible solution for Piles?

“If you have taken all kind of piles treatment, but failed to get those results, you wanted or do you want to get more information on piles?”

If any of the above applies to you, then you have come to the right place.

Welcome to We hope that you enjoy browsing and hope that you find the information, links and resources helpful. Our website uses nationally accredited resources in order to deliver you up to date and accurate information.

This place is to help everyone who piles and any associated problems that induce this condition for instance constipation, poor diet, stress and obesity.

Our main purpose is to provide you with the information and resources that you need to eliminate it totally.

Yes, so many answers are available on internet, but finding a way from bulk of rubbish information, medical therapies and home remedies advice, can be very difficult. Atleast, anyone only like to know what the best piles treatment options are for curing. We have also put together a pictures page so that you can find out what they look like. But do be warned, the pictures and photo’s aren’t for the faint hearted.

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Embarrassed about your problem?
Bullet Hemorrhoids in the Media
What Are Hemorrhoids? Internal, External, Prolapsed, Thrombosed and Bleeding Explained with images of a graphic nature
Piles Symptoms
Photo’s in their various stages. Warning: the pictures are of a graphic nature, not for the faint hearted or easily offended
Healthy Eating as a Treatment
Drinking Water as a Treatment
Exercise as a Treatment
Alternative v’s Conventional Medicine as piles treatment
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This French article advertising a hemorrhoid treatment is dated estimated back to early 1918. The treatment being endorsed here are suppositories.


The gentleman in the picture looks happy enough that he has just got his hands on what was advertised to be a relief and calmant for the condition and yet the underlined soreness and wickedness of the problem was evidently understood and well portrayed by that ball of spikes under his buttocks! Love his socks and slippers!


Treatments for piles include natural remedies, conventional and over the counter treatments, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation, cryotherapy, infrared coagulation, bicap coagulation, anal dilation, sphincterotomy, doppler ligation, stapled surgical hemorrhoidectomy and hemorrhoidectopexy.
When dealing with, medical professionals will want to exclude other diseases that may be present such as cancer and polyps.
Some of the complications of internal hemroids are prolapsed, bleeding, itchiness around the bottom and gangrene if left untreated.
One of the main problems associated with external piles is the severity of pain due to blood clotting within the blood vessels.


Life with piles is very problamatic.. As per the stats,over 50% of population all over the world face this at one time in their lifespan. However, it is just an approximation while the actual figures may be much high than this, because so many people are there who do talk about it in open.

There is no need to suffer and live with this. There are treatment for hemorrhoids that are surgeryless or pain. At this website you will find that amazing solutions are available out there and you need not to suffer anymore.

11th Century Artwork Capturing a Surgical Procedure.

This artwork clearly shows you that Hemorrhoids is an age old condition that has been treatable for hundreds of years albeit in such a graphically painful way!

11th_century piles surgery

The female in this picture is on tip toes and is arching her back in order for good access in to her anus; this might indicate that this patient would have been suffering from an internal condition. In today’s modern world thankfully there are so many alternative medicines that are available that will shrink and cure hemorrhoids without having to go under the knife.

Embarrassed About Your problem?

Do you feel embarrassed about having piles? There is really no need 5% of Americans currently have the problem and it is estimated that over 50% of all adults will suffer at some stage in their life.

piles Treatments


To put that in to perspective for you, if you work in an office of 20 employees it is likely that at least one of those individuals is suffering with the condition.

So next time you are in a line waiting for checkout at your local store, just think, you may have more in common with the others than you think!


this is a problem that many people are too embarrassed to go and get checked out by a medical professional. Instead they prefer to hide their problem away. After all, how many people do you know that openly talk about their bottom? Not many.

Piles are one of the least talked about aliments that affect a huge percentage of people across the globe today. Take a look at our best hemorrhoid treatments page to learn more about treatments that have helped many of our readers to overcome their hemorrhoids permanently.


Brett in Hospital for Surgery

Published: March 1, 1981

New York Times Newspaper

A spokesman for the Kansas City Royals reported that George Brett, the American League’s most valuable player back in 1981, was admitted to a Kansas City hospital and underwent surgery for removal of hemorrhoids.


Brett’s problem gained national attention in October of 1981 during the World Series, because he removed himself from game No. 2 in Philadelphia, underwent minor surgery to resolve his condition and returned for the rest of the Series.

The above is widely documented and an article can be read in the New York Times Newspaper Archives March 1, 1981. It goes without saying that the pain that this baseball player would have been feeling would have been excruciating, no sports man gets to the World Series to leave at the second game for a little pain, this would have been the real deal. The intensity or actual diagnosis of his problem severity is not established but it is safe to say that it would have been advanced above grade III for him to undergo a surgical procedure. Time was of the essence for baseball player Brett, possibly leaving him with no alternative. It is said that Brett had taken the media coverage of his piles surgery in a tongue in cheek manner, returning to complete the rest of the Series.

All Jokes Asside!

We thought this may bring a smile to your face. This is a bold statement seen on a bumper sticker and what a classic! See, everyone knows about the roids and have even paid homage to the condition. It is very well known to be a literal pain in the butt!

Bumper Sticker Message


Now to the more serious side of it. Below you will find an overview of the different types of piles and the way medical professionals grade them according to their severity. You will also learn different ways to eliminate them using healthy eating, exercise, re-hydration and alternative therapies.
Warning Below you will find photo’s of an explicit nature, graphically demonstrating piles at different stages.

What are Piles?

Piles, in a nut shell are the cushions of tissues in the anal canal that contain blood vessels. When these tissues or veins become strained, swollen, inflamed or engorged with blood then the condition we call piles or hemorrhoids can occur. They are present in all of us and serve a valuable purpose; it is only when there is excess pressure placed upon the anal sphincter, the muscle that surrounds the anal canal and the hemorrhoids that a problem occurs.

Medical Professionals place it in to grade levels to distinguish the severity of the piles. Even though Grade I are considered to be the least problematic they can bleed and though it is not common, can be painful.

Doctors generally classify within one of the following four grades:

First Degree or Grade I. only bleeds but not come out; no visibility from outer anus.

Second Degree or Grade II. here piles comes out while doing empty bowel but they goes automatically inside after freshen up.

Third Degree or Grade III. Straining stools out has caused piles. they come outside and do not go back like grade 2. one need to push back inside with his finger.

Fourth Degree or Grade IV. In this stage piles always stay out of anus and do not go back inside by any means. one can not push it inside with finger or something.
Internal or External Hemorrhoids?
Prolapsed Internal

This Photo is of Internal or external piles that appear to be thrombosed
Internal piles occur inside the rectum, above the dentate line. External sit outside the anal canal, below the dentate line.

The dentate line marks the separation of the upper two-thirds of the anal canal from the lower one third.

Medical professionals use it as a demarcation line for distinguishing what type of ailment we have, when a physical change takes place above this line of separation, you have the diagnosis of internal piles. When it takes place below it, those that form below are referred to as external. The anal canal lies below the rectum and is the last place waste will rest before leaving our body.


Prolapsed Internal Hemorrhoids
External Thrombosed

External and Internal Prolapsed piles

Generally, you can’t see internal piles unless they drop below the anal canal and protrude or enlarge so they can be felt outside of your bottom. These are referred to as prolapsed.

They contain fewer nerves than external and as a result are usually less painful. However, they do bleed when something irritates them, for example forcing a bowel movement or wiping too hard.


External Hemorrhoids which has been thrombosed

If you have external hemorrhoids which has be thrombosed, they hurt all the time, throbbing and a feeling of intense pressure is reported in such cases. Sitting, standing, and moving your bowels will all be very painful indeed.

They are very painful because at that point there are nerve endings. Itching also happen just because of these endings of nerves. They are called thrombosed because there a blood clot develop.

Unlike internal, external piles are covered by skin. If you have a painful skin covered lump in your anal area, you might suspect an external lump. Straining at the time of giving birth or sitting for hours continusly can be the reason for this condition. Traumatic delivery directly connected with this due to the strain not only on the anal canal but the abdomen and the body in general.

External Hemorrhoid that appears to be thrombosed

The color of your piles is a good indicator of whether or not they are thrombosed.

Thrombosed are generally dark red, blue or purple just over skin, this is because they have formed as a blood clot.



How To Cure piles

What are piles Symptoms?

The symptoms are as follows-.

fresh red blood comes from anus while pooping
at the time of potty pain and uneasyness
under garments stains
A liquid discharge from the back
bowel not empty fully like feeling always

These point above stated do not mean that it is 100% piles, other kind of anal dieseses like anal fissures, fistula can also show the same kind of symptoms. It is a good idea to visit a doctor for diagonosis for the exact problem.

Here we tried to give an answer to some general kind of questions related to piles:

What are pregnancy piles and how to cure?
Is there permanent cure available?
how many types are there?
What causes hemorrhoids normally?
Which treatment to go for?
what are the home remedies?
does it last lifelong?
What about piles surgery and its complications?


Photo’s of Internal, External, Prolapsed , Thrombosed and Bleeding Hemorrhoids.


External that appear to be aggravated and thrombosed due to their puple-blueish colour and obvious leakage

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

External piles that appear to be thrombosed, not so aggravated

Internal and External Bleeding Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Grade IV

Internal and External Bleeding Prolapsed Grade IV piles. Thank you to copyright owner Απόστολος Σταματιάδης for generously donating this image


If you have hemorrhoids that appear like those in the photo’s to the left it is important that you treat them now.

Don’t let your hemorrhoidal condition get to the point that you must have surgery in order to remedy your problem.

You may feel like you have tried ‘everything’ but have you tried natural remedies as a solution?

Ayurvedic medicine work effectively to cure even fourth degree piles, do seek medical advice.


the most appropriate treatment or cure that look like those in the above images.

The above pictures clearly show some of the differences in the types, people experience. Unfortunately, it is possible to have internal and external piles, internal that have prolapsed, and thrombosed external all at the same time.
piles and Constipation



When sitting on the toilet bowl waiting fearfully for that poop to finally lower itself take slow, deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling a nice long breath through your mouth.

Lengthen your abdomen by stretching your arms upwards pointing toward the ceiling, again deep breathe through the nose and out through the mouth.

When you can feel movement gently lean forward, relaxing your arms down by your sides, hands near the floor, lengthening the back in this way will naturally open your passage without unnatural force being applied. Tippie Toes is the most important part of this process, tip toe so your feet are resting on the ball of the foot, very gentle rocking movement whilst in this position may help too.

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Healthy Eating as a Treatment for Piles?


Eating plenty of fiber is very important in order to bulk up your stools allowing them to pass through with the help of gravity. If you have suffered unexplained constipation for some time and can not seem to treat the problem then you should consult a medical professional. That said, doctors can be inclined to prescribe laxatives as a primary source to alleviate the problem. We are not advocates of laxatives or conventional medicines per se, if it can be treated naturally, that is always the best option.

There are no side affects with natural remedies, unlike conventional medicine or prescriptive drugs that come with a whole host of unwanted side affects. Sometimes removing dairy, yeast, wheat or meat out of your diet will improve the problem. In some cases an over growth of yeast (Candida) can be the problem and thus removing sugars from your diet can starve that condition. Probiotics are a great source of much needed healthy bacteria for the gut and will have an overall positive impact not only on your hemorrhoidal condition but also your longevity and overall good health.


Water as a Treatment for Piles?


Water is very good for digestion, it helps in absorbing nutrient and throwing out of waste from body. Drinking on average two litres of water a day also good for a regulated blood circulation, temperature of body and a host of chemical reactions. Water give strength to joints and help to get a skin which is healthy. we can survive without food for long, but without water we can not.

There are few people that you hear saying they love the taste of water, there is no taste. Drinking water if it is not a common habit for you may prove tiresome for the first couple of weeks but it is well worth it. Carry a bottle around with you whenever possible so that you can sip throughout the day rather than gulping down two liters in one go! If you have not been a water drinker and have relied on soft drinks or teas and coffees for your fluids then you may find that your increased water intake will induce headaches for the first week whilst your body expels toxins.

Water increase will promote weight loss, improved digestive function, increased energy, cellular rejuvenation and most importantly will certainly improve your hemorrhoidal condition.

Exercise as a Piles medicine?


Exercising regularly is well known to be beneficial to you on multiple levels. Cardiovascular fitness is the main reason why you are encouraged to exercise, keeping a healthy heart muscle pumping blood around your body is vital for optimum health and healing of conditions such as hemorrhoids. Deep breathing whilst in the process of exercising is important as your lungs provide oxygen to the blood and then your heart transports this oxygenated blood around your body rejuvenating and allowing you to sustain prolonged activity.


Alternative v’s Conventional Piles Medicine?


Whilst conventional medicines treat symptoms effectively so you are free from pain, they are not dealing with the source of your hemorrhoid problem. In addition to that and most importantly they are drugs and as a consequence cause side effects and one of those being constipation! In essence you are bringing yourself temporary relief by using conventional medicines to help you through your problem with piles only to find that your problem reoccurs and the episode is more aggressive. There are natural products out there that deal with the symptoms and improve bowel function and overall digestive health at the same time, 100% naturally. No side effects and you will have the benefit of healing on multiple levels, because a healthy gut is a happy body and happy bottom